Identity Manager

The OpenIAM Identity Manager automates the task of managing identities across the various devices and applications used by the enterprise. This includes applications within the enterprise such as Active Directory and Exchange, and cloud based applications such as Google Apps.

Automating these processes allows organizations to achieve zero day starts and stops, which has a direct impact on end-user productivity and security.

Employees no longer need to wait for days after joining a firm to gain full access to the system required for their roles. Similarly, when an employee leaves, access is removed as per the organization’s policies to ensure that rogue users are not given the opportunity to access sensitive corporate assets.

OpenIAM Identity Manager provides comprehensive capabilities such as:

  • Provisioning, De-provisioning, Workflow
  • Password Management, Password Policies, Synchronization
  • Self-Service, allowing locked users to reset their accounts, manage their profiles, challenge response security questions
  • Audit, Attestation, Reporting
  • Delegated Administration

It integrates seamlessly with the OpenIAM Access Manager using shared services and a common repository.