Audit & Compliance

Regulatory requirements such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act were passed mandating major changes in financial, accounting and auditing reporting practices of publicly held corporations in response to several major corporate scandals affecting the securities market in 2001-2002. Section 404 of this act mandates companies to document and audit their internal controls to prevent fraud.

OpenIAM Auditing Service ensures that detailed information about events and activities associated with identities or resources are logged into a centralized repository and be tracked.

  • Sign-on, Sign-off
  • User: create, update, delete or disable accounts
  • Role: create, update, delete or disable accounts
  • Resource: create, update, delete or disable accounts
  • Password changes, resets, challenge response questions changes
  • Synchronization events
  • Reconciliation events

Several reporting templates are provided for a BIRT report writer for use in an Eclipse designer. Organizations can also generate their own reports in BIRT with SQL.


Attestation feature enables reviewers to review, certify or reject a user from having a set of entitlements and roles used to access managed systems.