Password Management

The password management capabilities within OpenIAM allow us to manage:

  • Password composition and life cycle of a password through policies.
  • Synchronization of the password with other systems.

By synchronizing passwords, end users have to remember fewer passwords, which results in the following benefits:

  • Improved security as users are less likely to write down their passwords. Further, all passwords will still be governed by the security policies that are defined.
  • Improved productivity and reduced cost, which will result from having to make fewer calls to the help desk.

By combining password policies and synchronization, passwords can be managed in a consistent way across systems within the enterprise.

Passwords in OpenIAM can be changed from a number of locations including the Self Service application.

In addition to these capabilities, the OpenIAM Identity Manager also contains batch capability that allows the system of events such as a password expiring in "x" days.