Developer Training

Price: $595/Student

Prerequisites: Completion of the Admin training program

In the OpenIAM Developer Training course, students will build on the administrator and configuration training enabling developers to:

  • Define business rules for reconciliation, synchronization and attribute mapping
  • Customize and create new workflows
  • Customize the Self-Service applications
  • Develop new connectors using scripting
Module 1 – Developing Attribute Policies

Overview of the connector architecture
Developing attribute polices

Module 2 – Reconciliation

Overview of the reconciliation process
Developing custom reconciliation rules for mapping data, filtering users, etc.

Module 3 – Active Identity Synchronization

Overview of synchronization
Configure Synchronization
Developing scripts for synchronization
Develop matching rules
Scheduling synchronization tasks

Module 4 – Workflows

Overview of the workflow engine and integration within IAM
Customizing Workflows
Developing new workflows

Module 5 – Schedule Tasks

Create a scheduled task
Integrating the task into the identity manager

Module 6 – Reports

Overview of the OpenIAM Reporting architecture
Designing a new report
Defining the report data source
Testing the report
Integrating the report
Scheduled reports

Module 7 – Connector Development

Overview of the connector architecture and interface
Developing a new connector using the script connector
Developing a custom connector

Module 8 – Customizing the Selfservice Application

Overview of customizations options
Customizing the branding
Adding new functionality using the Selfservice-Extension module

Module 9 – Developing Applications using the Service API

Overview of the SOAP and REST APIs
Testing the Services using SOAP UI
Using the API in your application