OpenIAM Quadruples Growth During First Quarter of 2016

CORTLANDT MANOR, NY (PRWEB) MARCH 30, 2016: OpenIAM, a leading provider of Open Source Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions, announces a record 400% increase in sales growth in the first quarter of 2016 as the company has added many new customers across various industries. The uptick in growth is attributed to an increased market demand for an economical and scalable IAM suite as well as OpenIAM’s relentless effort in providing unparalleled customer care.

“The large increase in revenue this quarter signifies organizations’ urgent need for a unified IAM solution that is not only full-featured but has a low total cost of ownership,” said Ameet Shah, VP of Product Marketing at OpenIAM. “Current solutions on the market are either cost prohibitive, complex to install and deploy, or lack essential capabilities that many organizations need.”

High profile breaches of security in recent years have illustrated the critical need for software that securely and safely manages identities and sensitive data. This further underscores the fact that having an IAM system is no longer a luxury, but a critical component for any organization that seeks compliance. Yet many companies still have limited choices due to the astronomical costs of market leading solutions that consist of legacy components that need extensive cobbling in order to work in unison. OpenIAM’s growth this quarter has been fueled by filling this void in choices for Identity and Access Management.

In addition to the customer care, OpenIAM has created a uniquely user friendly, comprehensive IAM product. OpenIAM’s founders started the company pouring their own resources into it and loyal first adopters fueled our growth.

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