OpenIAM releases v3 of IAM suite

OpenIAM announces the release of v3 of the OpenIAM Identity and Access Management suite. Fifteen months in the making, v3 is the biggest release of the IAM suite since the initial release of OpenIAM suite.

Version 3 is a complete refactoring of the solution based on experiences of 2.x version in large and complex deployments. Version 3 includes a new rich user interfaces and provides an architectural platform up which the OpenIAM site will be evolve.

Version 3 provides customers with the following benefits:

  • Seamlessly unified Identity and Access Management suite so that customers using both Identity and Access need to manage only one platform and two separate products.
  • Performance improvements
  • Ease of use – Early customers reported that they have been able to implement v3 in half time required for v2.x

The suite features can be found at:

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