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Neil Herbert

Hi Hasan,

You’ve mentioned 2 differnt applications. You first need to find out what sort of SSO they support and go from there. Is it SAML, OIDC or neither?

A quick Google shows me that Bitbucket Server supports OIDC https://confluence.atlassian.com/enterprise/openid-connect-for-atlassian-data-center-applications-987142159.html you can find the latest OIDC documentation for OpenIAM at https://docs.openiam.com/docs-

As for Jenkins, it looks like there might be an OIDC plugin for Jenkins.

Sagar, I appreciate that your post is similar but please make sure you post questions or requests for help in a new topic. Hijacking someone else’s topic will give them false hope for someone giving them an answer. It’ll also help future community members to more easily find an answer if they have the same problem as you.

Unless the application being served by IIS itself has support for SSO, you’ll probably want to Google “shibboleth iis”. This should get you started with the server side of this. You can then follow the OpenIAM docs for SAML.