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Neil Herbert

Hi Hasan,

I did take the time to reply to both you and Sagar the other day but it looks like my message hit some moderation block. Probably because I posted some external links that might have helped.

I’ve had a quick Google and both Jenkins and BitBucket support Open ID Connect (OIDC). I would suggest you search the docs for both systems for OIDC. You should then be able to follow the OpenIAM docs at https://docs.openiam.com/docs-


Hi Sagar,

I know this post by Hasan is slightly related but please post your own questions as new topics. I can imaging someone replying to Hasan’s post that isn’t helping him will be a bit frustrating.

As for your question, more information is needed for anyone to really help you. What have you tried already? What’s not working? What SSO protocol does the application you are trying to hook up support? If the application you are running doesn’t directly have any support for SSO you could take a look at installing Shibboleth onto IIS, there are a number of guides online that’ll show you how to do this. The other potential way to hook your application up is to use its API (if it has one) or a JDBC connection to it’s database and set it up as a managed system to provision users from OpenIAM.