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    Hi Guys

    I tried to configure the ldap connector but I’m getting the following error

    ./startldapconnector.sh: line 3: -Djavax.net.ssl.trustStore=/usr/local/OpenIAM/data/openiam/conf/cacerts: No such file or directory

    ./startldapconnector.sh: line 4: -Dorg.openiam.connector.queue=LDAP_Connector_1_Request: command not found

    ./startldapconnector.sh: line 5: -Dorg.openiam.connector.queueResponseName=LDAP_Connector_1_Response: command not found

    PS: I tried the default configuration but I had the same error

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    Ameet Shah


    Can you share your ldap connector.sh file here?

    Regarding the question about various directories:

    Both of these to directories point to the same location through a symlink
    (data -> /usr/local/OpenIAM/data)

    This is location where ldap-connector,.in 4.1.x will create the trust store.


    Hi Ameet
    The problem was in the script: startldapconnector.sh, as you help me:
    ..remove all the extra line breaks in the file so that all of the arguments are on the same line.

    Now the ldapconnector is starting.

    Thanks a lot.

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