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    Neil Herbert

    Starting on March 24th 2022, OpenIAM will be hosting a series of 10, webinar workshops covering the new Enterprise Edition (v4.2.1.2).

    Session 1: What is IAM and deploying OpenIAM to Docker Swarm

    Session 2: Application on-boarding and introduction to user provisioning

    Session 3: User provisioning to Active directory

    Session 4: Automated user provisioning and de-provisionin

    Session 5: Reconciliation

    Session 6: Workflow based request/approval

    Session 7: User access reviews

    Session 8: Self-service portal and password management

    Session 9: Configuring adaptive authentication and MFA

    Session 10: Single Sign-on with OpenIAM

    More details including times and dates of sessions as well as how to register can be found on the Webinar Calendar page at https://www.openiam.com/resources/webinars/webinar-calendar/.


    Thank you, Neil. Additionally, all sessions will be recorded and uploaded to our training workshop playlist.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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