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    Jordan Reich

    Hi all,

    I am relatively new to the OpenIAM system and need some help to figure out how to get up and running within the system. I have successfully gotten OpenIAM installed via RPM onto CentOS-8-Stream running

    I have gotten all of the initial suite setup and successfully logged into the HTTP FQDN without any issue. I have configured the AD PowerShell Connector and setup the managed system AD PowerShell Managed System.

    I have received a green response on the running connectors status for the aforementioned managed system. My next step was to try and synchronize data into OpenIAM from AD (users/groups). I used one of the example items provided and it has been configured as shown in the Sync_Settings_Groups.png attachment below.

    The test returns as successful.

    When I run the SYNC NOW option I get the follow errors returned:

    Nothing has been found in target system.
    Search called
    Error code: INTERNAL_ERROR;error text: Response is not received from RabbitMQ during reply timeout

    I am trying to move through this setup one step at a time so any information you can provide that may help would be useful, thank you!

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    Hi Jordan

    thanks for posting the details. The problem in the synch is that you are using a ldap filter with the powershell connector.

    We have some docs at the URL below which can help you


    Take a look at the section on synchronization.

    Jordan Reich

    Thank you for the response and my apologies for the delay on my response. Other priorities crept up and I haven’t had the chance to get back around to this until now. I updated the information using the PowerShell connector details, I believe, in a correct manner (attachment below).

    However, I am still receiving this error when attempting to perform a SYNC (attachment below).

    I also checked the status of the RabbitMQ on the OpenIAM box and it seems to be fine? (attachment below).

    Appreciate any help you can provide! Thanks.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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