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    I installed openiam on centOs 8. During the entire process there were no errors, everything followed as described in the installation manual. As soon as it finished I was able to access the tool, changed the password and everything was normal. However I rebooted the server and after the reboot all services are active normally all “UP”, but when trying to access the application through the browser the message is shown as an attachment.

    I did the installation twice thinking it was something wrong that happened during the installation, but the same thing always happens, it works as soon as it finishes installing and when restarting the server everything stops.

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    Hi Deivid,

    Do you see any error messages in the UI logs?
    Can try to access the application over port 8080? This will bypass the webserver/rProxy and we can see if the problem is coming from the webserver. It’s possible that apache is not automatically restarting.


    Hi Suneet_shah

    Thank’s for your help, using port 8080 worked.

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