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CORTLANDT MANOR, NY JUNE 21, 2016: OpenIAM, a top Open Source Identity and Access Management vendor, has bolstered security at organizations while increasing employee productivity through its automated Self-Service Portal. In lieu of calls to the help desk due to forgotten passwords, which often results in long periods of downtime, users can quickly and securely reset their login credentials and resume being operational.

Employees have numerous options that are fast, secure and convenient when it comes to resetting their passwords through the OpenIAM Self-Service Portal. For instance, there are challenge response questions that can be customized so that users can reset their credentials by providing answers only they would know. Additionally, employees can create a new password using a One Time Token that is securely sent to their mobile device. All of this translates into no downtime due to forgotten passwords.

“There is an increased security risk during the call to the help desk as the agent assisting the user may not adequately screen the user before changing their password. This leaves valuable company resources potentially open to attack. OpenIAM’s fully automated Self Service portal reduces this risk,” said Ameet Shah, Chief Marketing Officer of OpenIAM.

OpenIAM offers one of the most comprehensive Self Service portals currently available that allows you to reset your password securely and quickly. Downtime due to forgotten passwords is eliminated and productivity is resumed. This feature provides the following capabilities:

  • Web-based challenge-response using security questions
  • One Time Token via SMS/Text to reset a password in case the user forgot their questions
  • Windows credential provider to unlock a user’s account in case they locked themselves out of their windows desktop
  • Self Service change password functionality
  • Active Directory password filter that allows users to change their password in Windows and have it synched back to IDM

The Self Service portal is one of the many features of the OpenIAM Identity and Access Governance platform that is in use in deployments around the globe.

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