Access Manager Feature Comparison (On-Premise)

While customers have the option to license or subscribe to each product individually, they also have the option to select a unified solution that has been designed to address the needs of an organization in the growth cycle. These categories include Community and Enterprise.

The table below provides a summary of the functionality found in each. Please use the table to determine which edition is right for you. For further assistance, please contact us at

Features Community Enterprise
Current release 4.1.12
RPM deployment Y Y
Docker Swarm Y Y
Kubernetes with Terraform Y
High availability Y
Performance optimization Y
Localized Y
Support Forums 8x5 and 24x7
Password Y Y
Directory (AD/LDAP) Y Y
SSO Protocols (SAML, oAuth 2, Open ID Connect) Y Y
Certificate-based authentication Y
SMS-based OTP Y
Email-based OTP Y
Adaptive authentication Y
Mobile OTP with push notification (iOS and Android) Y
FIDO authentication Y
Duo authentication Y
Google authenticator Y
Social authentication Y
Custom login module Y
Entitlement Management
Flexible RBAC model Y Y
Entitlement viewer and editors Y Y
User-defined entitlement types Y Y
Common entitlement engine for WAM and IGA Y Y
Direct Entitlements Y Y
Device Management Y
Self-Service Portal
Single Sign-On to authorized applications Y Y
Self-registration Y Y
Change password Y Y
Social registration Y Y
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Integration with RBAC access control policies Y Y
SSO to standards-based apps via SAML, oAuth 2 and OpenID Y Y
SSO to Legacy web applications (non-standards based) Y
Integrated with MFA Y
Desktop SSO Y
API Security Y
Administration Portal
Comprehensive solution configuration Y Y
User management Y Y
Entitlement management Y Y
Policy management Y Y
Audit logs Y Y
Script editor Y Y
Operational Control
Monitoring (Kibana) Y
Component health checks and alerts Y
Message queue viewer Y
Session management Y
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