While customers have the option to license or subscribe to each product individually, they also have the option to select a unified solution that has been designed to address the needs of an organization in the growth cycle. These categories include Community and Enterprise.

The table below provides a summary of the functionality found in each. Please use the table to determine which edition is right for you. For further assistance, please contact us at sales@openiam.com

Features Community Enterprise
Current release 4.1.12
RPM deployment Y Y
Docker Swarm Y Y
Kubernetes with Terraform Y
High availability Y
Performance optimization Y
Localized Y
Support Forums 8x5 and 24x7
Entitlement Management
Flexible RBAC model Y Y
Entitlement viewer and editors Y Y
User-defined entitlement types Y Y
Common entitlement engine for WAM and IGA Y Y
Direct entitlements Y Y
Unified view of IAM and target system entitlements Y Y
Business rules-based entitlement assignment Y
Entitlement synchronization from target Y
Entitlement provisioning to target Y
Workflow-based group and role membership Y
User Lifecycle Management
Automated provisioning from one or more sources Y Y
Joiners (new users) Y Y
Movers (position change) Y Y
Leavers (disable, terminate) Y Y
Role-based provisioning Y Y
Business rules and dynamic management Y
Reconciliation Y
Orphan management Y
Group management (sync, discover, provision, de-provision) Y
Role management (sync, discover, provision, de-provision) Y
Organization management (sync, discover, provision, de-provision) Y
Self-Service Portal
Integrated SSO (integrate with IdP) Y Y
Self-service password reset (SSPR) Y Y
Change password Y Y
Profile management Y Y
Self-registration Y Y
Corporate Directory Lookup Y Y
Delegated user management Y
Workflows (Predefined)
Self-service portal to create requests and approval Y Y
Service catalog and shopping cart based for request approval Y Y
Multi-step approvals Y Y
Workflow SLAs and escalations Y
Profile or job roles Y
Clone user rights with requests Y
Position change requests Y
Revoke access Y
Line-item approval/rejection Y
Approval delegation Y
Out-of-office delegation Y
Email-based approval Y
Mobile app-based approval Y
Customizable email templates Y
Customizable workflows Y
Customizable approval templates Y
Access Certification
User Access Certification Y
Application Access Certification Y
Group Governance Y
Password Management
Flexible password policy Y Y
Password synchronization Y Y
Application specific policies Y Y
Self-service password reset Y Y
-Challenge questions Y Y
-One-time email link Y Y
-SMS-based one time token Y Y
Reverse password synch (Active Directory password filter) Y
Fileshare management
Windows file shares Y
Linux file shares Y
Credential Providers
Microsoft Windows Y
Apple Mac Y
Linux PAM Y
Helpdesk Identity Verificaiton Y
Audit Event Collectors
Windows event logs Y
Linux syslogs Y
Administration Portal
Comprehensive solution configuration Y Y
User management Y Y
Entitlement management Y Y
Policy management Y Y
Audit logs Y Y
Script editor Y Y
Reports Y
Operational Control
Monitoring (Kibana) Y
Component health checks and alerts Y
Message queue viewer Y
Identity Connectors
Core connectors Y Y
Cloud connectors Y
Enterprise connectors Y
Extensibility Options
Custom connector SDK Y Y
Workflow Y
Scripting Y