The OpenIAM Identity Governance platform allows for the creation of workflows to support complex processing, integration and approval steps. While custom workflows can be defined, OpenIAM provides out of the box workflow templates for the common operations described below to simplify the configuration effort. Each of these workflows support:

  • Multiple approvers
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to ensure timely completion

Pre-defined workflow templates:

  • New User (Joiner)
  • Position Change (Mover)
  • Terminations (Leaver)
  • Status change
  • Access request
  • Group creation
  • Self-registration
  • Access Certification

Custom Workflow

While OpenIAM provides a number of workflow templates, it also includes a BPMN compliant workflow engine which organizations can use to create new workflows. A graphical process designer for the Eclipse IDE simplifies the effort to create new workflows.