CE vs EE Feature Comparison

The Identity Manager is available in Community and Enterprise Editions. The table below provides a summary of the functionality found in each. Please use the table to determine which edition is right for you. For further assistance, please contact us at sales@openiam.com

Features Community Edition Enterprise Edition
UI Rich Web UI (AJAX) Rich Web UI (AJAX)
Password Management
Rich Web UI (AJAX) Y Y
Password Synchronization Y Y
Active Directory Password Filter N Y
Forgot Password/Unlock Account
Self-Service Portal - Unlock Account Y Y
Mobile Token Based - Unlock Account Y Y
Windows Credential Provider (Unlock Account from Windows Login) N Y
Active Synchronization from Source Y Y
Reconciliation Y Y
Role Based Provisioning Y Y
Rule Based Provisioning Y Y
Source Adapters CSV,LDAP,Active Directory,RDBMS, Script Custom Adapter CSV,LDAP,Active Directory,RDBMS, Script Custom Adapter
Target System Connectors LDAP, Active Directory via Powershell,Google Apps,RDBMS, Linux, Script Adapter LDAP, Active Directory via Powershell, MS Exchange, MS Lync, MS SQL Server, Office36,
Powershell Script, Google, Salesforce.com, Box, Notes, Oracle, Linux/Unix, RDBMS, MySQL, SCIM
Self-Service/End User Portal
Role Based Y Y
Forgot Password/Unlock Account Y Y
Change Password Y Y
Edit Profile Y Y
Challenge Response Y Y
Template Based User Management UI Y Y
Request/Approval/Inbox Y Y
Report Viewer Y Y
Audit Y Y
Integrated Inbox Y Y
Pre-defined Workflow Templates Y (limited) Y (17+ Workflows)
Request History Y Y
Workflow Designer Y Y
Access Governance
Access Review N Y
Role Based Access Exceptions N Y
Periodic Certification N Y
Group Management
Group Management and Provisioning Y Y
Group Reconciliation Y Y
Advanced Group Management N Y
Periodic Group Certification N Y
Application Server Jboss 7 and Wildfly Jboss (7.1, Wildfly, EAP), Weblogic 12
Database MySQL, Postgres MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, SQL Server
High Availability N Y
Seamlessly Integrated with AM Y Y
Architecture Community Community, Commercial (based on SLAs)
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