Administrator Training



In the OpenIAM Administrator Training course, students learn how to install, configure and administer the product, enabling them to be able to:

  • Reconcile from source and target systems
  • Manage the user life cycle
  • Manage user access rights
  • Self-service
  • Configure Single Sign-ON

Module 1

Introduction to Identity and Access Management

Module 2

Installing OpenIAM

Prerequisites: VM contains MySQL, Java and OpenLDAP

Installing the OpenIAM product in a 1-tier architecture

  • Install DB schema
  • Install and configure application on JBoss 7.x
  • Install Proxy
  • Post-installation validation steps

Deployment architecture and Multi-tier deployments using Tomcat and JBoss
Configuring OpenIAM for high availability
Enabling communication over SSL
Configuring OpenIAM for high availability

Module 3

Provisioning and Connector Configuration

What is Provisioning and De-Provisioning?
Overview of our connector architecture and how it fits into the Provisioning
Connector Configuration

  • LDAP
  • Active Directory (Powershell Connector)
  • Google Apps

Module 4


Overview of Reconciliation
Configure Reconciliation

  • Selecting Users and Query Filters
  • User matching options
  • Handling reconciliation “situations”

Scheduling options
Reconciling Groups and Non-User Objects

Module 5

Password Management and Synchronization

Overview of Password Management and Synchronization
Configure the password policy
Policy Association
Password Reset vs. Change Password
Challenge Questions

Synchronizing passwords from Windows

  • Installing and configuring the Active Directory Password Filter

Module 6

Managing Organizations

Concepts related to organization objects
Modeling the Organizational structure
Synchronizing Organizations

Module 7

Managing Entitlements

Overview of the OpenIAM Entitlement model and Concepts
Managing access for Identity and Access Manager
Controlling access to functionality within the OpenIAM applications

Module 8

Managing Users

Overview of the user management capabilities
Describe how admins can:
Create users
Reset password
Change user status
Manage identities

Module 9

Self-service Configuration Options

Overview the configuration options
Configuring workflow approvals
Configuration user access using the delegation filter
Defining User Profile Templates (Self Registration, Create User, Edit User)


Module 10

Single Sign On using Federation

Overview of SAML 2 and Key Concepts
Overview of OpenID
Configure SSO with a Google Apps
Configuring Google to use the OpenIAM IdP
Configure the OpenIAM IdP to interoperate with Google
Entitling a user to use Google


Module 11

Single Sign On to Legacy applications

Overview of the challenges involved in SSO
OpenIAM reverse proxy
Authentication and Session Management
Access Control
URI Patterns
Authentication Rules
SSO using metadata rules

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