The Problem

There are numerous scenarios where users external to your organization will need to have accounts created to access the services being provided by your enterprise. These users can include customers, vendors, or contingent workers who may not be in the Human Resources system. In some environments, this population of users can number in the millions. The manual creation of these accounts is arduous, time-consuming and may even pose a security risk if they are not controlled appropriately.  

The OpenIAM Solution

OpenIAM facilitates the creation of accounts for users external to your organization through the Self-Registration functionality found in both the Identity Governance and Customer IAM platforms. The flexible self-registration functionality allows for the following functionality:

  • Multi-page web-flows which can be configured in the browser with a drag-and-drop interface without any coding
  • Flexible validation solutions which enable field and form level validation
  • Open framework which can be used to call APIs to validate the user-provided information
  • Flexible approval process which can vary from sending out confirmation emails to multi-step approval flows
  • Integration with the business rules and provisioning services to enable access to the right services
  • Multi-language support


By taking advantage of OpenIAM’s Self-registration capabilities, organizations can improve end user productivity, security and eliminate time consuming manual processes related to account creation.