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    Serhii Zahuba

    I have problems installing openiam.
    1) when i try to install rpm package in terminal i only have
    [root @ template ~] # rpm -i openiam-4.1.10.RELEASE.zero_dependency.x86_64.rpm
    Unzip OpenIAM files
    User openiam exists.
    Change permissions
    delete old files
    [root @ template ~] #

    and that’s it

    2) when i try to install this with docker
    + docker pull openiamdocker / esb: alpine-4.1.11-prod
    Error response from daemon: pull access denied for openiamdocker / esb, repository does not exist or may require ‘docker login’: denied: requested access to the resource is denied

    before that, I went to docker using my username and password

    How can you install your product?


    Hi Serhil,

    You have two options – RPM or Docker
    Iff you want to use the RPM file, please the latest version which is 4.1.13. There are docs available at http://docs.openiam.com/. They will guide you through the install process including what you should be do after installing the RPM file.

    If you want to install using docker, then drop a note to sales with your docker hub id and they can grant you access. Right now you don’t have access to docker and why you are getting the permissions error.

    Serhii Zahuba

    Thanks. It works. There was a problem with the encoding – I created a new topic in the forum.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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