OpenIAM provides several integration options. In certain situations, a rich API provides the ideal solution. OpenIAM provides a comprehensive service based API which simplifies integration and provides the option to deliver new options and services to your customers. The API consists of over 30 services and is the same API that is used by OpenIAM's own user interface. OpenIAM's API provides customers with the following benefits:

  • Simplified integration using SOAP or REST
  • Utilize enterprise integration design pattern
  • Security and scalability

A majority of the Identity platforms today are the result of in-house development being complemented with a series of acquisitions. The result is a platform which is little more than a collection of independent products which are loosely wired together. In these cases, end customers have to deal with the learning curve associated with each product and the inherent support effort resulting from a complex platform. OpenIAM is based on a micro-service architecture and was architected from the ground up to operate as single unified platform. The platform provides an extensive, secure REST API layer which developers can use to either extend OpenIAM or to develop new solutions. All operations which are supported by the OpenIAM can be implemented through the REST API layer. To simplify development, OpenIAM embeds SWAGGER in the Admin interface so that developers can find all API related docs in a central familiar location.