OpenIAM is pleased to announce the opening of a San Diego office and training center.

OpenIAM has grown into the number one open standards Identity and Access Management company in the world. Our architecture is second to none. Our products have not been clobbered together from acquisitions but have been built from the ground up on a common platform. Provision a user through our Identity Management product, and control this user’s access rights with our Access Management product.

OpenIAM is being used every day by thousands of users. We have large deployments in Government, Healthcare, Insurance, Education, Retail, Telecommunications, Tourism and other industries. OpenIAM has been built the old fashioned way with great products, satisfied customers and dedicated staff. We are not beholden to investors, VC’s or shareholders and do not have to look for the next round of funding for our existence. Early adopters put faith in our technology and helped fuel our growth. Our subscription based model ensures revenue streams several years into the future and a strong financial outlook.

Our founders bring much industry experience to OpenIAM. Our management team has worked together for over fifteen years. They have developed systems at some of the largest corporations in the world including IBM, Novell, Standard & Poor, American Express, Morgan Stanley, Marsh, Mitsubishi, Time Warner, Travelers (Smith Barney), SBC Warburg, Pfizer, BEA, United Airlines , Telus, Cigna, Avis, Bear Stearns, Avaya. Suneet wrote a 600 page software book by the time he was 25 and has served on several standards bodies in the software industry. Arun has Electrical Engineering degrees from some of the best schools in the world and finished his Masters with a 4.0 GPA at the top of his class.

OpenIAM aims to serve customers on all continents. We have several very large global system integrators who undertake Identity and Access management projects of any size. Our regional partnerships keep on growing with highly reputed establishments in Canada, Chile, Mexico, United Kingdom, Norway, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, India. Contact us today and tell us what it is that you are trying to accomplish in the Identity and Access Management areas and we will start a conversation about how our products may fit into your needs.

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