OpenIAM Subscriptions are designed to assist you during every stage of your Identity and Access Management project including:

  • Design and development
  • QA and deployment
  • Assistance with production issues

The OpenIAM solution consists of the core product as well as a growing number of connectors. The subscriptions include support for the core product and integration connectors.

The enterprise subscription is an annual subscription offered in Gold and Platinum editions. Each has a different SLA and provides customers with the following benefits:

  • Product updates - New releases, bug fixes, and patches
  • Support - Customers can contact OpenIAM support via web, email, and phone. All supports requests are logged in our central support system and customers have the option to monitor progress through the support self-service portal
  • Authorized contacts - Designated contacts in your company can work directly with product experts
  • Accelerated SLA - High severity issues are fast tracked to the appropriate technical resources to enable rapid resolution
  • Legal assurance - Safeguards customers who are developing and deploying open source solutions from legal harm.

The table below details the subscription levels and related SLAs.

Gold Platinum
Duration of the subscription 1 year 1 year
Days Mon-Fri 365 Days
Hours of Operations 8am - 6pm 24x7
Response Time Based on Severity level Based on Severity level
Support Medium Web, Email, Phone Web, Email, Phone
Number of Support Tickets Unlimited Unlimited
New Product Releases Included Included
Bug Fixes and Patches Included Included
Indemnification Not Included Included
Accelerated SLAs Included Included
Number of Authorized Support Contacts 5 10

Service Level Agreements:

Severity 1 Production system: Solution or a critical feature is down and no workaround is available.
Severity 2 Production system: A major feature or function is not working correctly and is blocking full use of the system, but other features are operational. Root cause analysis on a production failure where service has been restored.Non-production system: a major feature or function is not working correctly and could delay deployment or upgrade. No workaround is available.
Severity 3 Production system: A minor issue is impacting usability or administration of the system, but a workaround is available and major features/functions are working correctly.
Severity 4 Production system: Any other minor Incidents or Problems. These are usually cosmetic issues.

Additional Services Available:

  • Training:¬†OpenIAM offers comprehensive product training allowing your technical team to quickly ramp up on product functionality. Training is available: On-site, on-line, and public training courses. On-site training courses can be customized to meet your unique project requirements.
  • Professional Services:¬†OpenIAM offers a flexible professional services model that can be customized to suit your needs. This can vary from a jump start service, architecture review to a complete implementation.